What Is Kratom?

Coffee’s Southeast Asian Cousin: Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is even more of a bitter herb and offers a slightly different sensory experience than its mainstream relative.

In terms of recreational usage, Both Coffee & Kratom provide a similar sense of stimulating euphoria.  From a sensory perspective, A coffee high may give a sudden urge to run around the block a couple times, whereas a kratom high will simply make you okay with staying relaxed.

In terms of functional usage, Kratom acts as an anti-diuretic, whereas Coffee acts as a diuretic. When abused, Coffee consumption can result in diarrhea, whereas Kratom abuse can result in constipation. One bitter herb speeds up digestion, while the other slows it down.

Why Are Coffee & Kratom Different?

It can be theorized that bitter herbs compliment the dietary resources of the regions they stem from. For example, Coffee Stems from Ethiopia and Kratom Stems from Southest Asia; Two regions of the world with diversely different dietary resources.

Every region of the earth offers unique bitter herbal resources. Historically, bitter herbs are ritualistically used as dietary supplements / herbal remedies in correlation with the diets of the region.

Is Kratom More Dangerous Than Coffee?

Kratom & Coffee are like two races of bitter herbal supplements. The One who says that one is more dangerous or better than the other is typically accompanied by a biased agenda. To discriminate between the two is essentially herbal racism. With that said, you can find loads of misleading agenda based propaganda all over the web … Stay Weary of the Hype.