Potent Green Malay

As a provider of potent regional coffees and teas from around the globe, it makes sense to offer coffee’s Southeast Asian Cousin: kratom in our beverage menu.

Our Green Malaysian Kratom tea is made fresh and filtered. Before brewing the tea, We enhance the alkaloids in a simple marinade to increase the absorbing efficiency of the herb. In short, our kratom tea is not only made for convenience, it is also brewed for maximum potency.

Drink Kratom Tea In Comfort

Take advantage of our comfortable environment and fast free wifi while enjoying your tasty brew. Our seating is setup to comfortably accommodate both groups and individuals. Whether you wish to socialize with friends, work on a project, or simply browse Youtube videos, our goal is to facilitate productive relaxation.

Order Kratom Tea TO GO

We offer kratom tea to-go. We currently serve to-go cups in 12oz and 16oz quantities. In A Hurry? Our customers can conveniently order a freshly brewed, potent cup of kratom tea and be on there way.

malaysian kratom leaves

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