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Green Malay is a strain of the kratom tree appropriately named based on its natural origin: Malaysia.

No Kratom Is Stronger Than Green Malay

Also known as SUPER Green Malay, this particular strain of mitragyna speciosa is renowned among enthusiasts for strength in the realm of sensory experience.

Green Malay vs. Other Strains of Kratom

When it comes to experiencing euphoria and increased sense of social drive, No other strain of kratom tops Green Malay. That being said, comparing different strains of kratom is similar to comparing different strains of coffee.

There ARE minute differences between kratom strains based on alkaloid ratios within the species, but for the most part kratom is kratom and coffee is coffee. Just like coffee, The most important part of getting a high quality brew of kratom tea boils down to the methods of preparation.

BEST place To Buy Green Malay Kratom Tea In Kansas City

@ JLounge we take pride in the preparation of all of the different types of stimulating drinks on our menu. Our goal is to deliver the freshest, most stimulating brew of whatever bitter herb you wish to consume. When it comes to Green Malay tea specifically, we aim to become known as the best place to enjoy a cup in KC.

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