Ethiopian Yirgracheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe KC

Ethiopia: Coffee’s Native Origin.

Legend Has it, in 850 AD an Ethiopian Shepherd discovered coffee when his flock of goats wandered into a patch of coffee trees. All modern coffee varieties are the offspring of an original Ethiopian species.

Yirgacheffe: Nature’s Richest Coffee

Irgachefe a.k.a Yirgacheffe is a town located in the center of Southern Ethiopia. This region is the home of what are often considered nature’s richest coffee trees. Rumor has it, no outside cultivars have ever made their way into the area. New crops always represent the offspring of original local varieties.

Best Yirgacheffe In Kansas City

Our Yirgacheffe blend is freshly ground locally by Broadway Roasting Company. We take pride in careful preparation of this amazing local coffee blend. @ Jlounge, both locals and tourists of Midtown KC enjoy a high quality Yirgacheffe blend at a reasonable price toGO or in the comfort of our unique lounge setting.