Ethiopian Sidama Natural

Ethiopian Sidama Natural KC

Ethiopia: Coffee’s Home Country.

Legend Has it, in 850 AD an Ethiopian Shepherd discovered coffee when his flock of goats wandered into a patch of coffee trees. All modern coffee varieties are the offspring of an original Ethiopian species.

Sidama: Large Southern Ethiopia Variety

Sidama, formally known as Sidamo, refers to coffee harvested from the Sidamo & neighboring Oramio region of Southern Ethiopia.

Due to the variety of arabicas introduced into the region, flavor profiles in Sidama can very greatly compared to a region such as Yirgacheffe, where no new varieties have ever made their way into regional crops.

Sidama Flavor Profile @ JLounge

Our tasty Ethiopian Sidama Natural blend is freshly ground locally by Broadway Roasting Company. This blend is a light bodied, full flavored blend boasting hints of Strawberry & cocoa. We take pride in careful preparation of this great local product which equates to a high quality, stimulating beverage.