World’s BEST Tasting Coffee Blends In KC

Full Flavored Regional Blends

Our coffee menu consists of high quality full flavored regional blends freshly prepared from KC’s own Broadway Roasting Company. Our goal is to offer Kansas City a fresh cup of the most potent, flavorful Coffee blends from around the world.

Authentic Ethiopian Coffee

The coffee bean’s native country of origin, Ethiopian Coffee is a specialty @ jLOUNGE. We currently offer two special blends of coffee straight from Ethiopia: Sidama Natural & Yirgacheffe.

Ethiopian Sidama Natural

Sidama Natural is a medium bodied brew with balanced acidity. This flavorful Ethiopian blend boasts hints of Chocolate and Strawberry.

Ethiopian Yirgecheffe

Yirgacheffe is a light bodied, rich and flavorful brew offering aromatics of Meyer Lemon & Floral. This popular Ethiopian blend is certified organic by OCIA.

Brazillian Minas Gerais

Straight out of Brazil, Minas Gerais is a Smooth Bodied Coffee With Balanced Acidity and an earthy taste. This potent brew offers rich hints of nougat, cocoa, & peanut butter.