About US

Open Monday – Friday | 8am – 3pm

We are a one-of-a-kind Internet Cafe that specializes in delivering a unique experience. We focus on offering high quality products and service. We are located in the heart of  Midtown Kansas City @ 3419 Main Street.  Finding us is easy because we are centralized in between The Plaza & Downtown KC.

Products @ JLOUNGE

We serve stimulating beverages composed of herbal ingredients from across the globe. We strive to stock high quality brands and follow high standards of the preparation and service of these products.  Potent, Full Flavored Coffees & Teas are our specialty.  We also offer customers the ability to buy prepackaged drinks and snacks such as Gatorade, Sodas, Energy Drinks, Protein Bars, Candy, Chips, etc.

Service @ JLOUNGE

We take pride In customer service. We are a locally owned business and value both the KC locals and tourists that support our efforts.  We seek to portray a laid back, welcoming atmosphere with a high sense of professionalism.

Atmosphere @ JLOUNGE

Comfort is a priority @ JLounge.  We offer a wide variety of seating options fit for relaxation, socializing, and productivity.   We comfortably accommodate both individuals and groups.  

The feel of JLounge is uniquely stimulating in itself as it is heavily decorated with local fine art, a low lit atmosphere, and music complimentary to whatever mood the day presents. Please Note, We DO take music requests ;D